Free to download

Easily save links on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Save links and reference them later

Save links manually, via the iOS and iPadOS share extension or the Safari browser extension on Mac.

Organize everything with labels

To keep everything neat and tidy, LinkBin allows you to organize your links with labels.

iCloud sync

Sync all links across all of your devices, thanks to iCloud.

Send links to other apps easily

Want to process a link in an other app further? No problem, just use the integrated share sheet on iOS or the share menu on macOS.

Supports Shortcuts

Automate your link workflow with the help of the Shortcuts app on iOS, iPadOS and macOS Monterey or newer.

Multiple app icons

Customize the app with an app icon of your desired style.


Interact with your links through widgets on your homescreen or in the notification center on macOS.

Copy links as HTML, Markdown or Rich-Text

Save one or several links as HTML, Markdown or Rich-Text with just a few clicks. This is for example perfect for inserting links into a WordPress article.